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Hannah Perry_Albuquerque Designer


Hello! I’m Hannah Perry - a creative freelancer with my small business Burgeon Creative, LLC. I specialize in branding, website design, social media, photography, etc. 

In 2020, I established Burgeon Creative on the values and aspirations to create unique and original content that helps other small businesses thrive.

I love designing, creating and working with local brands. Every project feels like a passion project when you work with people who love what they do. 


I'm intentional with growth - personally, professionally and especially with my clients. Part of where my inspiration for Burgeon Creative came from the idea of growth and creating an environment to flourish with the right assets in place. 

Besides my passions with Burgeon, I enjoy finding perspective behind a camera, working on special projects and connecting with others through shared creativity. My hobbies include self development, reading, experiencing the outdoors, spending quality time with family & friends, and spoiling my dog (Tucker). 

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